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           Cambodia the kingdom of wonder

Wecome to phnom penh is the capital and the largest city of Cambodia and phnom penh has been the national   capital since french colonization of Cambodia .and has grown to became the nation's center of economic and industrial activities ,as well as Center of Sucurity ,politics, Cultural heritage and diplomacy of Cambodia .and my name Yin Vannak one of the most inform english speaking driver /guide i would like to invite you to exlpore Cambodia with me .I have been around all provinces of Cambodia especially the province that relate to tourist industrial for over 9 years .so through this experience I have enough ability to escort you to explore Cambidia Country .

I have completed my Driving License in 2005 and complete my Tourguide License in 2014 in Phnom Penh area that specializing in englis language, so you no need to worry about communicate and the story of tourist site that you plan to see in phnom penh city and around to the provinces .

 Please came to explore not only in Phnom Penh City but also whole Cambodia Country ,So don’t hesitate! Live your dream, come to Cambodia!  You wil be amazed at all you see.

I am here to serve you and look forward to meeting you in the near future!

Please contact me at: or call  (+855)12778368/16639852