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Cambodia taxi driver (Mr. Yin Vannak)

I am located  in the heart of the tourist area on the riverside. I live in  Phnom Penh and know the city well. Just ask me about anything or anywhere. I am here to serve you.

 I will provide you with a customised tour of our  past and present. I have in-depth knowledge about Phnom Penh including its'  most fascinating and magnificent sights.

Our tour options include


A One or two full day tour of phnom penh in an air-conditioned car with English speaking driver where you can visite a selection of the following :

 Royal Palace , the royal family residance  it was build by the King Norodom in 1866  after he abondon the Palace in Oudong area about 40kilometer from current City phnom penh ,The palace is devide to 4 areas The central area is Thron hall the place where the King get confidence CORONATION also for the Cambodiagoverment official swear before hold office this place use for greating the international delegration especially the ambassador Came to hold the office in Cambodia , acording protocal They have to meet with The King first Becuase The king is the heard of state than they will meet the priminister is the head of goverment .

-The southen part is Silver pagoda ,This location is beautiful decoration building and Stupa of former King such as , Stupa of HM king Ang Doung,Stupa of HM King Norodom also The status of King Norodom and Model of Angkor Wat.inside the building display alot of Buddha statue made from silver, Bronze also Gold especially the90 kilogram Buddha made of solid gold.

-North part is Royal recidance where the Current King Stay.

-West part is private Park

 - National musuem ,Designed in Khmer Style by a French archaeologist and painter in 1917 .

-Victory Monument ,Celebrating Cambodia's1958 from Frence.

wat phnom the smallhill in town that build in 1372 by lady (Pen)and enjoys your sunset at Mekong River boat cruise .



full day tour for airconditioning car with english speaking driver for Toul sleng genocide Musuem( the shcool that khmer rouge convert to prison after they win the civilwar in 1975 to prevouse goverment .for detain, interogration,tortureand sentence to dead .and killing field to see the proof of khmer rouge kill victime.after that you can enjoys your shopping at russian market .


- option2 oneday tour ( 45$ Aday for car with excellence english driver) 60$ for minivan 15seat  

2-Full  Tour day service for airconditioning car with english speaking driver  for Royal palace ,the royal family residanceans was build by the king Norodom in 1866, Silver Pagoda where you can see the buddha weighing 90kilogram made from gold(the coffin of king) 

-National Musuem , a frenh archeologist and painter it was desight khmer style in 1917 is the house of statue that collect all over Cambodia inclouding pre Angkor statue, Angkor statue, and post Angkor statue.

-Toul sleng Musuem the place where the khmer Rouge convert the shcool build to the prison in August 1975 4months after khmer Rouge win the Civil war over Lun Nol Goverment to detain,Interogration,and Torture to previous LON Nol officer as well as Academies. Doctor, Teacher,Student, Monk,Engerneer inclouding the officer of Cambodia Democracy Khoy Thoun, VonVet, and Hu nim  1975-1979 

- Killing field, the place where the khmer rouge transfer  victimto kill during the khmer rouge regime most of them from Toul Sleng S.21  rigime in 1975-1979.

 shopping at Central or Russian Market to buy cambodia hand make and some staff to give family and friend.

 -Full Day trip out of city to phnom chisor , tonle bati, tamoa mountian zoo     cost 60$


-Full day trip to oudong  mountain old capital , phnom brorset and  mekong island ccost 60$


-Overnight long day  trip to  all  provinces ( if you want to relax with natural place you can go Kep province , see Frence Colonial Kom Pot ,old casino Bokor hill,

you can  relax with beuatifull white sand Sihanoukville,

 you will enjoys bet cave in battambang,bamboo train (transport that use railroad with bamboobed pulling engin) you will feel funny to take ,visite old tradition house at watkor and enjoys with 10century temple Banon.

you also can explore the ancent city Siam reap visite amazing angkor wat temple , learning about living life of ancent poeple at Bayon Temple

,you also can see dispute temple with thailand Preahvihear Temple .

you feel amazing to  see mekong dulphine at kratie, enjoys Minority group in Ratanakiri Provine ,enjoys water fall Busra in Mundulkiri to enjoys all this places    will cost 80$ perday and prices will vary due to long distance ( over 200kilometer aday )

I also provide trasfer service to all province such as

1-Phnom penh to kep 60usd for oneway.

2-phnom penh to kompot 60usd for oneway.

3- phnom penh to sihanouville 65usd oneway.

4-phnom penh to koh kong 85usd oneway

5-phnom penh to Battambang 85usd oneway.

6- Phnom penh to siam reap 85usd oneway.

and more.........


 Note the intrence fee of tourist Site Royal palace 10$, National Musuem 5$, Toul Sleng Genocide musuem 6$ Killing field 6$ no tourguide.

and angkor intrence fee is

1day pass 37usd

3days pass 62usd

7days pass 72usd


I promise to make your dream came true and feel safe while you are with me