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Mr. Vannak The reliable driver in phnom penh!

Vannak now we are back in Thailan,  Thank you for your service. It was every good and safe,i will gladly recommend it,and we also enjoys in sihanoukvil.

Thank for take care us !

Leo and Mint visited cambodia at 11,02,2013

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Mr. Vannak ,your personal driver and assistand in cambodia

I would like to give a well desirved plug to our Taxi driver Mr. Yinvannak who can be locate easilyon lin , He collected us from the airport and was obliging and fair in every way, We than used him for all our transport.

Eg. From  Phnom  to Kep Natoinal park and back (3hrs $60 achway) with clean and airconditioning car ,and $9 from our hotel to the airport. 

I highly recommend his servic, 

Janice Gibson visited cambodia on 9,2,2013

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Mr. Vannak The best driver in Cambodia  and reasonable prices! 

I am so thank you for your providing such s great services while I was visited  in Phnom Penh Cambodia ,and i hope to pay revisited to Phnom Penh  Again.  It was agreat experience.


Visited Phnom Penh on 01.18.2013 


Mr. Vannak - Trustworthy Service at an Unbeatable Price

When I'm in Phnom Penh, I trust all my transportation needs with only Mr. Vannak.  His rates are seriously too low with respect to the quality of service he offers.  He truly epitomizes the charming spirit of Cambodia - high in humility and courtesy and posses a great deal of respect for all and as his website proclaims, he is the ideal "CambodiaDriver".  He was there to meet and greet me at the airport with a big, enthusiastic smile.  Phnom Penh is a very large city with all kinds of confusing back roads, tiny little alleys and the traffic can be a dizzying headache, one that will surely confuse any visitor no matter how good they are at reading maps.

His deep knowledge about the city's road ways and 'unique' traffic culture saved me a lot of time and his deep knowledge about the country's history, culture and current events made for an intellectually stimulating experience.  Mr. Vannak is a go-getter, helpful and extremely service-oriented, always looking for ways to make sure I was totally comfortable.  For example, he attempted to pay for my parking fees on more than several occasions even though I strongly objected.  The best character trait that Mr. Vannak exudes is that he is highly "trustworthy".  I certainly trust his opinion on various matters and he'll politely advise his clients on whether the choice they are making, i.e., locations to visit, people to meet, eating places etc, is sound and in the best interest of the client.  He saved me quite a few dollars by spotting overly priced items and calling vendors on it.  I'm headed to Phnom Penh next year and will definitely lock down his services. 

Visited Phnom Penh in May 2008 for 12 days

Mr. Vannak is number one!!!

The minute I arrived in Phnom Penh, I noticed how intense navigating the city streets can be.   Fortunately, Mr.  Vannak put quickly put my worries to rest with his easy going personality, genuine kindness, and remarkable driving skills.  Of the numerous tuk tuk, moped and taxi drivers I hired while there, only Mr. Vannak was able to make me feel at home on the Phnom Penh streets.  I had a great time playing tourist, site seeing, and taking pictures of the fast paced street life, all while Mr. Vannak focused on the road.  

Not only is his driving top of the class, he speaks and understands English fluently, and can translate for you whatever you need.  He was able to get an international SIM card for my phone, the first day there, and it came in handy.  Always on call, I was able to reach him on my cell phone for instant coordination of the day's activities.  To top it off, his smooth running cab with frosty cold air conditioning had us moving along like weathered locals through the sweltering midday sun. 

Teo Jaquith,
Hawaii, USA, Phnom Penh May, 2008